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Web / Ftp Statistics

In this area you can view statistics about your website. Please be aware that only latest visitors is a live feed. All of the statistical reports are updated every 24 hours. All of the bandwidth information is updated every 6 hours. If you wish to compare data from each statistics program you should only compare data that is at least 36 hours old to ensure that it has been updated and is providing the correct information. Please note these times are estimates, and are subject to change based on the amount of traffic on the server.

Awstats produces very pretty stats.

This will show how many bytes your account has transferred.

Urchin Stats
Urchin is commercial stats package.

Subdomain Stats
This will show statistics for the subdomains on your account.

Latest Visitors
This will show you the last 300 visitors who came to your site and some interesting information about them.

Error Log
This will show errors in your site, images not loading, missing files, etc. This is very useful for debugging CGI scripts.

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